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NMB Sapati is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven digital loan product offered to customers. It is a collateral free and short-term personal loan to salaried individuals who have maintained payroll accounts with NMB.


  • Nepalese citizen between 20 to 60 years of age (including loan tenure).
  • Must be permanent Employee having payroll account with NMB.
  • Must have PAN certificate.
  • Must have regular salary credited in account maintained with NMB at least for past 3 months.
  • Must have clean CIB status.
  • Must have regular repayment track record in other loans.



  • Digital Experience: It is paperless, digital loan which can be availed by using mobile device on 24*7 basis.
  • Instant Loan: From application to disbursement it will take just few hours. It is believed to help individual borrows meet their personal and emergency financial needs.
  • Flexible Tenure/Loan Amount: Customer can select repayment period from 3 to 24 months (will depend on the criteria set by bank) and select the loan amount between NPR 10,000 to upper threshold of eligible loan amount (maximum loan amount is NPR 100,000).
  • Collateral Free Loan: No collateral is required to avail this facility.
  • No human contact: Customer need not visit the bank to avail the service. Customer’s safety is our priority in these times.


Customer has to update KYC detail and submit it to the nearest branch, incase their KYC is not updated. To download KYC form, please click on the link- https://nmbbanknepal.com/assets/backend/uploads/doc/Notice/sapati KYC Form.pdf If the customer is eligible, he/she will receive SMS with smart link. Clicking on the link will guide the customer in processing the loan further via mobile platform. If customer does not have payroll account with NMB, he/she is required to request the organization (employer) to open payroll account at NMB.

Along with identifying the eligible customers for NMB SAPATI using KYC and transaction behavior, Artificial Intelligence in backend system determines the applicable loan amount limit for each eligible customer.

 Yes, prepayment of the loan is allowed without any extra charge.

Yes. Customer can apply for another NMB Sapati loan till the upper threshold of his/her eligible limit is totally used. This however, is subject to revisit of customers eligibility in NMB Sapati system and customer may not be able to apply next time should they do not meet required criteria.

Customer will have to settle the entire due amount for any NMB SAPATI. Once the customer discontinues job, he/she will not be eligible to avail NMB SAPATI unless he/she joins any other company and have salary account in NMB. 

 In case of overdue, the overdue amount is held automatically and penal interest (for late payment) will be levied on daily basis. Such overdue will be settled if there is any deposit in the account until the overdue is completely settled. In case the loan is overdue for more than 60 days, the account will be debit restricted and customer will be subject to bank’s recovery procedures and legal clauses applicable as per NRB regulations.

System will automatically debit the payroll account of customer on maturity with principal and interest amount. Customer need to maintain sufficient balance to settle the EMI dues.

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